The State of CRM, May ’19 Roundup

Welcome to the June ‘19 edition of our monthly roundup with our top picks of CRM and B2B Sales and Marketing articles from around the web.

CRM, the Heavy-lifter – By CustomerThink

As businesses, we don’t tire of asking for more from our CRM setup and rightly so. CRM has helped businesses reimagine customer-centricity like none other and continues to do so. As the sales and marketing dynamics continue to mature and become more demanding, CRM has to rise to the challenge. The article explores some of these key demands that lie ahead of CRM as a technology that will shape its future. Read More

We need some technological enablement, which can deliver just the optimal info that is required by the resources for creating engaging touch-points, customer interactions, or moments of truth for improving decisions, resolutions, customer transactions, experience or relationships.

How Well Do You Know Your CRM? – By CRMBuyer

An empirical study is always the most fun to include in a round-up. It gives a good sense of what our peers have as their top-of-mind and what they intend to do as next steps. This article sums up one such study on the key factors that drive a CRM purchase / update and how aware companies are on the progress made by the CRM enablers. Technology seems to be moving faster than we can keep pace. Read more How Well Do You Know Your CRM?

Today, users with systems that only capture and store customer data (systems of record) are being out-competed by businesses that can perform some amount of data analysis and make relevant recommendations about what to do next, integrate other systems easily, and offer support for social media.

The B2B Analytics Portfolio Status Check – By Forrester

Should the focus be Analytics for Growth or Analytics for Efficiency? This article from Forrester reveals that such a conundrum is not uncommon with even the fairly established businesses. The article provides a quick checklist on where your company could be in this tug-of- war situation, and how important it is to tie it all together. Read more

The B2B Analytics Portfolio Status Check

AI – A Reality Check – By Forbes

‘Technology typically takes longer to deliver a significant ROI than we expect it to.’ While there is a lot of truth in the statement, tech progress has made it a habit to outpace itself in recent times. The article lists some of the use cases around AI that are becoming mainstream, but sky is truly the limit here. Businesses will do well in staying tuned. Read more

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