The State of CRM, June ’19 Roundup

Welcome to the July ‘19 edition of our monthly roundup with our top picks of CRM and B2B Sales and Marketing articles from around the web.

Ace Your Customer Journey – By Forbes

While analytics has emerged as sort of a handyman for businesses to fix their customer experience gaps and get their cues right in minding those gaps, today’s technological advancement has made it possible to even become an insider from the outside. Businesses truly have no excuse to not get their game right when it comes to managing their customer journey. Read More

Deep personalization and delivering value at the right time and in the right context is what builds trust between brands and customers.

Intent Data – The Knight in Shining Armour – By Business2Community

Not all data is created equal. Incorporating intent data as part of your funnel definition guarantees sales success like none other. Purchase intent data also gives you the perfect foundation to bring the sales and marketing teams together. The article explores how aligning over intent data to create more complete profiles of target accounts, marketing can provide sales teams more in-market accounts to pursue, increasing the likelihood of positive sales outcomes. Read more Customer Ecommerce Journey

All the collaborative processes in the world won’t make up for deeper issues that come from flying blind in your approach to identifying target companies.

AI – Aye or Naye – By Entrepreneur

Nothing is more frustrating in sales than chasing down the wrong deals. And with six to eight touches needed to convert every deal, the pain just surmounts further. Without the help of technology, be it to identify the right leads, qualify them for your business and even to uncover the right type of intelligence to make those touches personal and relevant, meeting those numbers could keep you awake many nights. The choice is yours. Read more


ABC’s of Marketing Technology Platforms – By CustomerThink

TLDR, and yet commanded a feature in the roundup for being exhaustively informative — well-structured pieces of information for you to draw from. The article essentially details the many categories that different marketing technologies of today would possibly fall under, to help you appreciate the ecosystem out there and how it has evolved in recent times. Worth a read!

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