The State of CRM, August ’19 Roundup

Welcome to the September ‘19 edition of our monthly roundup with our top picks of CRM and B2B Sales and Marketing articles from around the web.

B2B Buyers Get Short-Changed on Their Buying Experience – By CRMBuyer

Even after so much talk about customer experience, in reality, business buyers rarely enjoy the same rich buying experiences that are offered as part of B2C customer journey. Thinking B2B can get away with less than perfect CX while B2C engagements sashay their way into giving the best customer experience—we are dealing with the same set of people here! Read More B2B Buyers Get Short-Changed on their Buying Experience

Become Obsessed with Re-Imagining Customer Experience – By Forbes

Businesses often exhibit naivety in adopting technology for efficiency gains and distance themselves from their customers in the process. The “what’s in it for me” approach may not hold good on its own for them to grow or even pull-through. This article is a reminder of the core principle of customer-centricity becoming more relevant in making a business successful today. Read more

The disruptors are entirely focused on the customer’s experience, and obsessed with meeting the expectations of today’s customers.

The New SWOT in the Upside-Down World of Business – By HBR

Few articles entertain you and make you think at the same time. This one definitely fits the bill! The very idea of looking at the world upside-down to gain a different perspective on things will get your attention. What the article really aims at driving home is how opportunities and threats analysis in SWOT need a revisit thanks to ‘disruptive innovations’. Read more The New SWOT in the Upside-Down World of Business

Put Your Customers Front & Center – By CustomerThink

Well, show them off, really! The risk is not in putting your customers ‘‘out there’, but in not leveraging their advocacy to establish credibility for your business. This article talks about a few nuances on how to get that right! Worth a read!

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