Step Up Your SMB Prospecting Game With These New Social Signals, Filters And Features In SMBAdvisor

Introducing New Social Signals In SMBAdvisor & Chrome Ex

Pinterest & Instagram

We are super excited about this one. As part of an SMB’s social profile, the platform will now tell you which of them have Pinterest and Instagram business accounts. You can filter for businesses that have Pinterest and Instagram (just like you could for Facebook) before you add them as a profile. You can filter your existing profiles using these filters as well.

These new signals will also be available on the competitive analysis, giving you the ability to show your prospects how they stack up in the social arena to their most prominent competitors.

This gives you the ability to be specific in the prospects you go after, and search for businesses that will have a higher propensity to need and buy your socially focused products and solutions.



Add Profiles In Bulk

Want to add your filtered prospects as profiles in SMBAdvisor all at once? You can now select and add up to 100 profiles in one go. Simply select the desired profiles and click the ‘Add To Profiles’ button. It’s that simple!



Creating A Digital Report In Google Slides With A Click

With this once, we have made collaborating on and editing a prospect’s digital report much simpler. Along with the .PDF and .PPT digital reports you can now easily create a G-Slide digital report and share it with your prospect. You can edit and change according to your G-Slide preferences and seamlessly collaborate with your team members.





I love the data in this software! It is detailed and shows pain points where improvement is needed. It helps the client to see where solutions can be used.
Erica G. | Owner | Marketing and Advertising, Self-employed

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