SMBStreams helps organizations like you
accelerate their digital transformation.

If you sell to SMBs, you should be using SMBStreams, from BuzzBoard, the only enrichment provider that specializes in SMBs. Enrichment is fast and automatic, drawing from many internal & external data sources. Supercharges your CRM or other platforms.

SMBStreams helps you enrich your SMB customer or prospect records with deep data to drive personalized marketing and sales based on the holistic understanding of the SMB. Access hundreds of signals with a simple to use API. The data signals include their category, competitors, previous touch points, growth signals, digital footprint, tech stack, and purchase behavior.

With SMBStreams you can easily:

  • Discover new leads with highest-quality data
  • Enrich SMB Records Automatically with Deep, Accurate Data
  • Draw on BuzzBoard's Proprietary Database of 20+ Million US SMBs (with thousands of signals for each)
  • Build Contextual Pictures of SMB Customers
  • Micro-segment using powerful signals
  • Harness our Recommendation Engine For Upsells And Cross-Sells
  • Add Additional Data Quickly (and customize easily using open APIs)
  • Receive Alerts on Changes at SMB Customers
  • Take a look at the Signals that we offer.

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