SMBStreams Launches as a Destination on Segment

BuzzBoard is excited to announce that we’ve launched SMBStreams as a Destination on Segment, empowering businesses to connect with their SMB customers in entirely new ways. SMBStreams solves the SMB data intelligence challenge and helps you overcome the limitations of your CRM data.

SMB Intelligence For Sales And Marketing — Across the Sales Cycle

Sales and marketing teams are often required to piece together insights from a variety of disparate and ineffective data sources like CRMs in order to create small and medium sized businesses (SMB) growth strategies. Not only is this process extremely inefficient, it actually creates missed opportunities for engagement and profit because it doesn’t integrate accurate data from all relevant sources – or provide intelligence across the entire sales cycle.

BuzzBoard maintains and integrates the most comprehensive set of SMB data available — and delivers important insights across your sales and marketing organization. The quality and breadth of BuzzBoard powered SMBStreams’s data goes far beyond what is typically available in SMB analytics today — and because of our deep SMB experience we can help you understand what works and what doesn’t for building connections and closing more deals with this complex segment.

SMBStreams is currently available here on Segment’s Destination Catalog.

With SMBStreams you can easily:

  • Discover new leads with highest-quality data
  • Enrich SMB records automatically with deep, accurate data
  • Draw on BuzzBoard’s proprietary database of 20+ million US SMBs (with thousands of signals for each)
  • Build contextual pictures of SMB customers
  • Micro-segment using powerful signals
  • Harness our recommendation engine for upsells and cross-sells
  • Add additional data quickly (and customize easily using open APIs)
  • Receive alerts on changes at SMB customers

About Segment

Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that businesses use to put their customers first. With Segment, companies can collect, unify, and connect their first-party data to over 200 marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools. Today, thousands of companies across 71 countries use Segment, from fast-growing businesses such as Atlassian, Bonobos, and Instacart to some of the world’s largest organizations like Levi’s, Intuit, and Time. Segment enables these companies to achieve a common understanding of their users and make customer-centric decisions.

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