Upgrade your CRM Data

Identify the SMBs including their digital identity.

Uncover signals about that SMB’s business, operations, performance, competitors, context, challenges, etc.
Provide a consolidated view of the SMB to your sales, marketing and support teams.

Start enriching in minutes right within your favorite CRM.

The definitive SMB database

The definitive SMB database

BuzzBoard manages the world’s largest and most configurable collection of SMB data:

  • 30+ million SMBs globally
  • 6,400+ data signals to segment, filter and analyze
  • 1000s of data sources cleaned and connected to provide a single stream of SMB intelligence
Unmatched URL + categoryidentification methodology

Superior URL + category identification methodology

Because of the deep pixel analyzer technology built by BuzzBoard and the SMB expertise, BuzzBoard identifies many more SMB URls and micro-categories than any other enrichment service provider.

The path to deep data starts with accurate identification of the SMB’s URL.

Proprietary SMB Signals Stack

Proprietary SMB Signals stack

BuzzBoard has leveraged its SMB expertise to build an SMB signals stack that is tuned specifically to SMB needs, triggers and behaviors.

BuzzBoard then uses this foundation signals stack to turn deep data into insights and recommendations.


SMB records in your CRMs with deep, accurate data


your CRM data with new best-fit future customers


Automatically fill your CRM with deep, accurate business data.

Analyze the state of your CRM records instantly.

Quickly analyze the state of your SMB data in your CRM. Identify the records that are missing key data points or the fields that need an update. More importantly, identify all those records that have dirty data.

SMBSmart can fix all these records and the SMBs previously cast off as unactionable can now become actionable.

Analyze the state of your CRM records instantly.
Know more about yourcustomers than ever before.

Know more about your customers than ever before.

Enrich your prospect and customer records with the most comprehensive SMB database in the world. Augment your own data with hundreds of deep data signals.

Leverage BuzzBoard’s deep insights and the AI-powered recommendation engine to identify up-sell, cross-sell and re-activation opportunities.

Build micro-specific segments by using needs-based targeting.

Create multi-dimensional personas that meet your qualifications:

  • Digital Sophistication: Target only those organizations savvy enough to appreciate your solutions and have the technology infrastructure to support them.
  • Business Need: Match their digital deficiencies with your solutions.
  • Budget: Assess their spending power before making contact.
Build micro-specific segments by using needs-based targeting.
Design custom messages that get their attention.

Design custom messages that get their attention.

Create SMB-specific messaging based on their unique context and business needs. Improve your emails, blogs, presentations and other communications with personalized insights, charts, reports and infographics. You’ll not only have better conversations but also start re-positioning yourself as a trusted advisor with coveted insights.


Find future customers that match your current favorite customers.

Estimate the size of your total addressable market with greater precision.

Relying on traditional firmographic data to size your target market often overestimates the number of companies able to do business with you. Today, all companies have digital footprints — data signals that emanate from the technologies and digital tools they use every day.

By starting with identifiable needs using digital footprint data and working up to the companies that match them, your marketing and sales teams will find much more receptive SMB audiences — and you’ll have a far more accurate estimate about the size of your target market.

Estimate the size of your total addressable market with greater precision.
Find SMBs who need exactly what you sell.

Find SMBs who need exactly what you sell.

BuzzBoard goes beyond WHO you should target to WHY you should target them: WHY they need your solutions to help their business.

Use BuzzBoard’s Needs-based Targeting and move beyond ineffective firmographic segmentation. Design target company personas by selecting combinations of signals and then apply them against our vast SMB database of over 20M+ businesses in the US and 30M globally to generate the desired list.

Key Benefits

  • Access more SMBs

    More companies to prospect using this extensive database focused exclusively on SMBs.

  • Run a more efficient marketing and sales operation

    Needs-based targeting creates better conversations faster and increases success rates.

  • Save time and resources

    Stop wasting time pursuing prospects who are unlikely to buy your solution.

  • PLUS

    • Increase click-through rates and hand-raisers.
    • Get more appointments.
    • Have better conversations and sell more.

Pre-integrated in CRMs and Other Sales Platforms

All the deep data is available to you in Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, Segment and other systems of records that you use.

  • Keep your CRM data up-to-date forever

    Put an end to duplicate accounts, stale data and missing data. With SMBSmart, you can automatically update your leads and accounts data intelligently in your CRM without any manual work.

  • Keep your conversations going

    Monitor your prospects, customers and their respective competitors for changes made in their business. Use BuzzBoard to detect when they invest in a new solution or drop an existing one, launch a new website, implement a new cloud-based tool, advertise a job opening, and much more.

As an end user of the Buzzboard/Salesforce integration, I am thrilled to have this much information about my prospects at my fingertips without having to travel outside my CRM to get to it.

An invaluable resource in delivering commercial success!

BuzzBoard is invaluable to our sales operation, giving our sales teams the knowledge and confidence to have the right conversations, with the right customers, at the right time - having this insight within Salesforce via the app has not only improved sales efficiency, but has also generated a significant uplift in engagement and performance.

Upgrade Your CRM Data