Get new leads and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities
with your existing customers.

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If you sell to small or medium businesses, SMBProspector is for you.

Get new leads that match your ICP

Access data on over 20 million SMBs and filter by key purchase triggers (e.g. ad spend, technology usage, and revenue) to find SMBs that need your solutions

Easily download or bulk import leads to your CRM of choice

Enrich your CRM with new and up-to-date intelligence about your SMB customers

Identify customers that are a fit for cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Identify at-risk customers and reach out before it’s too late

Why & How It Works

SMBProspector delivers the best-fit leads and data for persuasive, personalized communication—whether it’s for
prospecting or nurturing your existing customers.

Use SMBProspector to find
future customers

BuzzBoard maintains, categorizes, and analyzes thousands of data signals on millions of SMBs. It’s easy to create an Ideal Customer Profile filter to identify best-fit leads that need your solutions based on key indicators, such as ad spend and technology.

  • Let’s say you’re a sales ops manager at a SaaS company that integrates with Salesforce and is a fit for small companies that have a budget for technology and are in growth mode. You would start by creating a filter for companies that use Salesforce, have $1M+ in annual revenue, and are actively hiring with at least 10 positions open.

Use SMBProspector to nurture existing customers

SMBProspector is designed to enrich your customer data easily, no matter where your data lives. You can sync your CRM, upload a spreadsheet for enrichment, or any number of other options to fill in missing information and update outdated or dirty data. We’ve got you covered.

360° support for your business: data, analytics,
and a team of (human) specialists

  • Build SegmentsFilter the database to customize your target prospects list based on key criteria, such as budget, technology, location, and more.
  • Automatic Record RefreshAutomatic updates ensure that your records are always current.
  • Estimate Total Addressable MarketIdentify revenue opportunities with data and analytics about your total addressable market.
  • Data Concierge Service (run by real, live, friendly people)Work with a dedicated data concierge (ICP specialist) who will map your products and ideal customer attributes to unique signals and help you build custom filters for your business.

Only pay for the data you want

With SMBProspector, every business profile comes with information on the prospect’s industry, firmographics, and technology use. You can purchase add-on data to suit your specific needs, e.g. advertising, social media, digital security, etc. This ensures that you only pay for the data you want—and with BuzzBoard,
data accuracy is guaranteed.

Pre-integrated in CRMs, marketing automation,
and data infrastructure platforms

Get the customized information you want, delivered to the CRM of your choice—all in just a few clicks.

Reactive to Proactive

Buzzboard not only offers us the opportunity to improve our knowledge of our existing customers but also to effectively target new customers. Our sales teams will become more consultative as a result and tailor what they say about our products to ensure relevance and impact.

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