Get pre-qualified SMB prospects delivered
directly to your CRM.

It’s that simple.

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Why &
How It Works

We believe that modern, successful sales teams don’t make more calls. They make the right calls to prospects who need them, and they deliver persuasive, personalized value in every interaction. SMBProspector delivers the best-fit prospects and the data for persuasive, personalized communication.

To get started, we’ll walk you through how to make your ideal prospect profile filter. It’s quick and easy. BuzzBoard maintains, categorizes, and analyzes thousands of data signals on millions of SMBs—so you can easily filter to a granular level to be sure that your solution aligns with the prospect’s budget, technology, purchase triggers, etc.

Only pay for the data you want

With SMBProspector, every business profile comes with information on the prospect’s industry, firmographics, and technology use. You can purchase add-on data to suit your specific needs, e.g. advertising, social media, digital security, etc. This ensures that you only pay for the data you want—and with BuzzBoard, data accuracy is guaranteed.

Pre-integrated in CRMs, marketing automation,
and data infrastructure platforms

Get the customized information you want, delivered to the CRM of your choice—all in just a few clicks.

Reactive to Proactive

Buzzboard not only offers us the opportunity to improve our knowledge of our existing customers but also to effectively target new customers. Our sales teams will become more consultative as a result and tailor what they say about our products to ensure relevance and impact.

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