Transition from Salesperson to Trusted Advisor

The successful salesperson is a trusted advisor who is not focused on selling—they’re focused on helping. With BuzzBoard’s customized, AI-driven reports about an SMB’s business (their tech stack, resources, competition, hiring plans, market opportunities, etc.), sales advisors can easily identify the right solution for the right customer at the right time.


Build your pipeline

Identify local businesses that need your products or services. Our powerful tool gives you access to 20+ million SMBs in the US alone.

Each SMB has hundreds of data signals that can be used in combination with our algorithms to build an ideal customer profile—all of which takes just a few seconds. BuzzBoard will match your ideal customer profile with real prospects in the database. Your pipeline of qualified leads will be ready in minutes.


Turn a lead into a conversation with actionable insights

Know precisely(and instantly)why you want to call a prospect without spending hours researching and prepping. BuzzBoard will deliver all the up-to-date data you need in an easy-to-digest and share format—all with a single click.
  • Business insights
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Security
  • Category
  • Social
  • HR
  • E-commerce

Find look-alikes

Upload your list of favorite customers and get a list of prospects with similar attributes from our recommendation engine. Add the ones you like to your qualified lead funnel and start having great conversations.


Harness our recommendation engine for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

Upload your complete list of accounts using Excel or through your CRM. Our recommendation engine can instantly surface all the services your existing accounts need. Nurture these accounts with messages that resonate and build trust. Cross-sell and up-sell meaningfully.

Say goodbye to cold calls

Your customers and prospects are more than just lead scores. BuzzBoard will analyze and prioritize leads based on the match between the prospect’s needs and your products or services. You’ll know exactly who to call, and why.


Make every engagement meaningful and personal

Today’s prospect requires 7–10 meaningful touches across multiple channels before they warm up. SMBAdvisor automatically generates ready-to-share, personalized content for each engagement. These customized content pieces transform an engagement into a valuable experience that customers appreciate.

SMBAdvisor can also generate a presentation in Google Slides for you with the click of a button. Share it with your customer instantly. Do what you love most—engaging customers, not spending time on your computer.

Alexa, help me sell advertising!

An estimated 75% of US households will have smart speakers by 2020. We expect SMBs to have a similar smart speaker adoption rate, so we’ve programmed SMBAdvisor to sync with Google Home and Alexa. Once paired, smart speakers can respond to customized ‘intents’ that assist sales reps with research, messaging, and presentation preparation tasks.


Enterprise ready

Whether you have 5 reps or 5,000 reps, SMBAdvisor is designed to scale with your needs. Most of our customers have between 500—2,000 reps and several hundred thousand SMB customers.

  • Single Sign-on
  • Integrations
  • Built-in reporting & analytics
  • Role-based access and controls
  • Customizable algorithms
  • Well-defined SLA & support
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Team management capabilities
  • Secure platform

Surface insights across all your favorite apps

SMBAdvisor syncs with your favorite apps in real-time:Chrome browser, CRM, voice devices and desktop.

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