Give Your CRM Some Account Intelligence Data This Month!

Account Intelligence Data (AID) is data that measures a prospect’s likelihood to buy in real-time by delivering the contextual information you need to know about an account’s digital maturity, behavior, and need.

It is the insights needed to engage with prospects at a personal level. While much has been said and done about thoughtfully identifying the right contacts within accounts–and many data vendors have built strong offerings around that—identifying the right accounts itself has largely been left unattended.

Using data to meaningfully define an Ideal Customer Profile and corresponding target set of accounts is something that most companies still miss, yet it is crucially important to compounding your revenue growth, especially while selling to SMBs.

If you have been wishing to solve this problem for your GTM team, below are a set of ebooks/guides that go deeper into the topic to surface the unrealized potential of AID and account-first strategy overall.

Account Intelligence Playbook

This playbook defines AID in the context of SMB data and shines light on the possibility-realm of data depth and variety available (don’t be surprised if they match some of your wildest imaginations!)

The playbook also aims to educate you on the 4 broad steps to gather and use account intelligence data to create your ideal target list to accelerate your go-to-market motion when targeting SMBs, and then capture your imagination with one of the sales plays that most applies to your business. Then, we’d be delighted to help you execute on it.

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9 Sales Plays to Ignite Personalization with Deeper Account Insights

Let the magic begin! With all the fantastical sounding AID now in your arsenal, learn how every aspect of your GTM just gets compounded. There are some cool examples to inspire you if you decide you are ready.

Buyer needs data can be most powerful when it is deployed at scale, in a mechanized fashion. By tracking and acting on your prospect’s needs, you can begin offering a solution before they demonstrate intent to buy.

For example, instead of your rep using firmographic data to sell a new product by asking:

“Do you need a more robust payroll solution?”

She can say:

“I see you are doing well and hiring for three new Sales positions. That is awesome. Our new payroll suite will help with filing risks as you grow. Let’s get this added to your account so you can protect the business as you hire these three new employees.”

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SMB Account Scoring is a (Real) Thing!

Openly challenging the notion of lead (contact) scoring as a top-of-funnel practice, this ebook helps with breaking into the practice of using AID (digiographics, in particular) for scoring accounts—proving to be far more effective than depending on just classic firmographic based segmentation and targeting.

‘Lead scoring’ is a good downstream practice to score and segment on the basis of engagement levels, but is most misleading at the top-of-the-funnel, especially when selling to SMBs.

Your SMB database should be about the right accounts first, and so should be your segmentation and scoring practices.

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BuzzBoard’s philosophy for TAM is rooted in the Accounts-first approach where we help you build a highly accurate, bottoms-up, total addressable market that you can segment and score based on a specific need, budget, and growth triggers.


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