Smart Sales Assistants Leveraging Alexa can make it easy for reps to grow their business

With Borrell Associates’ local ad spend data now integrated within the BuzzBoard sales platform, you can know whether a local business is advertising online and where and how they are spending their ad dollars with just a voice command.

As seen at the Borrell LOAC 2018 conference, Alexa is making it easy for a rep to prospect for new clients, gather immediate insights and be prepared.

According to Forrester, 74% of the time buyers purchase from sellers who offer valuable insights — and yet, only 8% of buyers believe that sellers are focused on driving valuable end results for the buyer.

Let BuzzBoard help you become a trusted advisor to your potential buyers and close more deals. Get different BuzzBoard reports emailed to you by just asking Alexa.

In a Hubspot sales report, sales reps admitted that prospecting is getting increasingly difficult. Not anymore, Alexa can help.

  • “Alexa, can you identify two other similar prospects for me?”
  • “Sure. I found two similar prospects for you and added them to your BuzzBoard account.
  • You will also find them as leads in your Salesforce account.”

Get Alexa working for you with BuzzBoard and Borrell data.

Connect with Marilyn Sartori, our Director of Operations at BuzzBoard, for more details.