Pure Play Marketing Solutions Provider Increases Sales Across Multiple Markets


BuzzBoard worked with a large global provider of marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company offers web design, online marketing and lead generation services, employs approximately 600 sales representatives, and provides services to more than 3 million companies.

The Challenge

The pure play company had recently launched an outside sales channel to target medium-sized businesses in key cities around the U.S. They needed to distinguish themselves in the marketplace among the numerous businesses and smaller web design shops also selling digital solutions to SMBs. They had some homegrown solutions for identifying possible new customers but had never really instituted a disciplined process or toolset.

The Solution

Working in conjunction with the most popular search engine, BuzzBoard secured market development funding (MDF) to pilot BuzzBoard’s sales engagement platform with a select number of the customers’ sales reps in four key cities. The BuzzBoard team provided in-person and web-based training and learning courses to the reps and offered strategies for selling the most relevant products based on the key prospect insights BuzzBoard generated.


The Results

After delivering BuzzBoard training to 11 reps across four markets, the company experienced an overall increase in number of appointments and proposals scheduled, a significant increase to both their total non-recurring revenue and monthly recurring revenue, a 34% sales lift, and 8x ROI for the program.

“The support the team provided and the ease of the platform made all the difference in helping our reps quickly become experts at targeting the best prospects and communicating with them. BuzzBoard gave us the edge against our competition.”

To find out how BuzzBoard can help your company drive sales across multiple markets, please contact us at +1 (415) 906-6934 or info@buzzboard.com.
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