Prospecting and Prospecting Tools for a Pandemic


Even as state and local governments begin to slowly open up their economies, sales reps have still been asking me to suggest “coronavirus-proof” categories for prospecting. Of course, there are still some businesses that cannot open at this time. But, of course, there have always been businesses that were built to generate revenue as long as the Internet continues to thrive. The obvious choice is to look at companies that depend on their websites to generate revenue. Check out the video below for a quick walk-through of how you can use BuzzBoard to filter for companies using e-commerce platforms

How to prospect for businesses reliant on e-commerce

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Did you know that BuzzBoard has the power to check whether a website is utilizing one of about 125 different e-commerce platforms? You don’t even have to search a specific category when looking at e-commerce-ready businesses. However, it’s always good to know which categories you can look at right now.

Categories To Consider

The categories to consider first are the “essential” businesses as defined by your municipality. Here is a list of essential businesses that are currently staying open: Prospecting-during

Additionally, below is a list of categories that are trending with BuzzBoard reps.


A Shift In Strategy

As we look at the categories above, it’s important to understand that our traditional media offerings might not be as effective right now. Some media reps have told me that they are finding success “thinking outside of the box” of solutions they typically rely on.

In particular, marketing services appear to be in greater demand these days. Some reps haven’t sold an email solution for quite some time. But businesses need to pull out all the stops to let customers know that they are still out there and willing to be of service, whether it’s delivering food and other goods or simply saying ‘Thank You’ to the community at-large. Now more than ever, these organizations need to make sure that their online presence is sound across social platforms and online directories. Using BuzzBoard, take a good look at a business’s Local Business Presence and Social Media cards. You can use the data found there to sell solutions such as reputation management and directory listings.

Prospecting-during SMS delivery is another solution that’s good to have in your sales toolbox. Folks are glued to their phones more than ever these days, and businesses need to let their community know that they’re still alive and kicking. Messaging that includes giveaways, discounts, and referral perks will help a business to stay afloat—and even grow their customer lists. Remember to always think about the messaging as part of the solution and engagement strategy. This is the opportunity for you to converse in a consultative and strategic manner—and that’s really important in times like these. For example, the last category on the list above (financial planning) is an interesting one, given market volatility in this current climate. Investors need help, so this is the time for financial planners to reach out. Again, we go back to you, the sales consultant, to help them find the right message. For example: “At a time of uncertainty, one thing is clear: times will be better! Let me (insert financial expert/institution/firm/etc. here) help you out of the fog and into a brighter future.”

If you have any questions, need help customizing your BuzzBoard filters to fit your new strategies, or want insight on closing a deal, you can reach me at

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