Prioritizing which SMBs to talk to is really hard. We can help!

Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are hard!

BuzzBoard manages the world’s largest and most configurable collection of SMB data:

  • 32+ million SMBs BuzzBoard is the only database focused exclusively on SMBs.
  • 6,400+ data signals per SMBWith BuzzBoard, you can use digital signals to micro-segment your market and build highly-targeted lists of companies.
  • Our proprietary Data Science tools can help you to find companies who need the solutions you sell.
    • Design needs-based personas that align with your marketing and sales criteria.
    • Identify SMBs with the right mix of digital maturity, business needs and spending power for your cloud-based or digital products.
    • Apply these personas to our database and our recommendation engine will find SMBs who match these needs.
Leveraging BIG Data for Small Business

Using insights intelligently can yield stronger customer loyalty, higher revenues, and greater profitability.

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Prioritizing which SMBs to talk to is really hard

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BuzzScore is a foundational score that takes into account a variety of factors in scoring SMBs and helps you prioritizing which SMBs to target, and where to engage with them – on the same platforms where they are engaging with their customers, for example facebook or youtube.

See how BuzzBoard’s insights can transform how you find and interact with your customer!