BuzzBoard Discover lets you load your data, BuzzBoard data or any third-party data into BuzzBoard in minutes. BuzzBoard Discover helps you pinpoint the best sales opportunities for your products and services – not just simple firmographics (age, category, size) or basic leads (name, address, phone) – but a whole new way of evaluating and discovering the best prospects.


BuzzBoard’s algorithm, or your own, ranks your prospects based on the products and services you want to sell and service. BuzzBoard Discover lets you quickly know the sales opportunity for each of your prospects and scores them to highlight the best opportunities.

the Market

BuzzBoard Discover lets you quickly size the market opportunity for your prospect and helps you build a compelling market coverage plan. You can leverage new demographic factors such as social and mobile engagement to sharpen your prospect’s expectations of their target market. 


BuzzBoard Discover surfaces the insights that matter in the interconnected mobile social world – what’s the most recent rating and review and how your connections connect you to your prospect. Don’t begin a sales conversation without knowing what the web is saying about and to your prospect.

the Opportunity

BuzzBoard Engage quickly tells you how your prospect is adapting to the new digital world and where the gaps are in their digital footprint. Use other key factors to size up the prospect’s capacity and the desire to transition and transform in the new digital arena.

the Competition

BuzzBoard Engage ups your game by quickly assessing your prospect’s competitors and lets you show your prospect that you know their path to success. Knowing their competitors will demonstrate that you're committed to their business.

the ROI

BuzzBoard Engage gives you an easy and compelling ROI tool to showcase how your solution drives a positive ROI. In seconds, you can build the case for your solution that moves your prospect from maybe to yes.

the Story

BuzzBoard Engage lets you store important and compelling marketing and sales collateral so that it’s available anytime and anywhere. You’ll never be without the collateral that can often be the difference between "maybe not" and "yes of course".

Wrap it

BuzzBoard Close enables you to rapidly build a custom presentation just for your prospect – no more canned presentations that come across as inauthentic. Leverage the power of the presentation and put just the right words in front of the prospect.

Know when
They're Ready

BuzzBoard Close lets you know when they’ve opened your email and reviewed your presentation and are ready to move to the next step. Don’t send another email into a "black-hole".

Build it
for Them

BuzzBoard Close lets you build a proposal that's unique for your prospect based on their business needs and objectives. Putting your own products and services into the BuzzBoard Close, puts you in charge of the conversation.

the Deal

BuzzBoard Close allows you to move from the presentation to the close with eSignature and ePayments at the touch of a tap. With a couple of key strokes and the swipe of a card, you are ready to onboard your new customer.

the Order

BuzzBoard Onboard quickly delivers the order directly to the operations and fulfillment team with a couple of taps. No more wasting time from yes to production, it’s now all connected.

the Platforms

BuzzBoard Onboard synchs seamlessly with any CRM platforms with APIs and is in the app store. Don’t repeat keystrokes ever again.

the Order

BuzzBoard Onboard keeps you in the know about where and when your customer’s orders will be ready. Next time they call you for an update, you’ll know exactly the right thing to say.

Elevate the
Customer Experience

BuzzBoard Onboard alters the customer experience by leveraging integration and technology to remove the friction from the production and fulfillment process. Watch your customer satisfaction scores improve.

Industry Segments



Large and small newspaper companies in North America and around the world are leveraging BuzzBoard to harness the power of the social web, to determine the digital media products that are most likely to be found valuable by the SMB/SME market, and drive faster digital revenue development and organizational transformation. Now in the hands of thousands of newspaper sales professionals, BuzzBoard is changing sales conversations from static and inauthentic to dynamic and authentic.


Radio stations in North America are now turning to BuzzBoard to leverage their large sales organizations as they transition from the analog to the digital world. Radio station sales professionals are using BuzzBoard to put the buyers first, listen to their needs and demonstrate a true interest in their buyer’s business success. BuzzBoard is becoming the heart of the new radio sales experience.


BuzzBoard is positively impacting digital media companies that were born in the digital age. Digital agencies and pure-play operators are leveraging BuzzBoard to take their sales professionals to the next level of prospect and customer engagement. Digital media companies are using BuzzBoard to up their game by making sure their messaging is clear and their conversations are complete.

Financial Services

Large scale financial services companies utilize BuzzBoard to determine which SMB/SMEs are the best prospects, drive faster account development, and to begin to consider additional sources of high growth and margin accretive revenue. Financial services companies use BuzzBoard digital signals to assess the prospects that are able to meet their volume and throughput hurdles.
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