SMBs are Different from Enterprises

SMBs are different from enterprise in their requirements to access and consume technology. Our proprietary deep data and signal stack generates unique insights to be used for personalized engagement with small and medium businesses.


The competitive advantage

Anyone who sells to SMBs should have deep knowledge of the prospect’s digital footprint, their needs, attitudes, triggers, and ability to pay. These are reflected in the SMB’s operations stack and in their external presence.

Three facts to know about BuzzBoard

  • We have over 20 years of experience in SMB data.
  • We provide access to the world’s largest database of SMBs, with 20 million SMBs in the United States alone—and thousands of signals for each.
  • Our AI-based algorithms and robust recommendation engine are tuned specifically to SMB needs, triggers and behaviors.

Our data flow

  • Quickly segment, target, and analyze information by drawing from over 100 Tier 1 signals per SMB.
  • For more granular segmentation or analysis, tap into the additional 2,000+ signals per SMB.
BuzzBoard Data Flow

The path to deep data starts with the SMB’s website


Superior URL &
micro-category identification

As a result of our proprietary technology, BuzzBoard identifies more SMB URLs and micro-categories than other enrichment service provider.

Our data meets all BDP standards

  • Fresh (updated on a 30 day cycle)
  • Multi-sourced
  • Data discovery and validation processes are AI-driven
  • Cross-checked
  • GDPR compliant (upon request)

The proof is in the pudding

Be up and running in minutes