New Ecommerce Signals & Enhanced Category Coverage To Improve Your Prospecting Experience

Ecommerce Signals and Pre-sets

Ecommerce enablement is fast becoming a critical success factor for the SMB. While it has become a ‘do or die’ for many business categories, the trend has also given a massive lift to many ancillary services and cloud techs to support businesses stepping into this new ecosystem. One in four advertisers on Facebook today are ecommerce enabled is just one (albeit strong) indicator of this trend.

1 in 4 advertisers on Facebook today are ecommerce enabled is just one (albeit strong) indicator of this trend.

Source: Buzzboard

We understand that you might want to cut to the chase and prospect directly into businesses that are well into the journey of Ecommerce and hence more likely in need of your solution. To make your search for such ‘higher-probability’ opportunities, we have introduced new signals for Ecommerce. Not just that. We have gone a bit further to also introduce two pre-sets for Ecommerce. and we have grouped these signals to help users understand and utilize them with ease.

  • Ecommerce Enabled – This pre-set to let the user know which businesses have an E-commerce setup enabled, i.e. these are businesses that are already transacting online.
  • Ecommerce Ready – The objective of this pre-set is to give users a quick segmentation of SMBs that are not yet set up to complete a sales transaction online but can do some of a transaction with the customer online, such as RFP/RFQ, estimating cost, and scheduling.






Category Coverage

Start your search at a broad category/keyword level in the Search Bar of SMBAdvisor , and the platform will guide you in going granular in your segmentation with this new feature. The new feature breaks down your category/keyword search to give you a view of all possible (& as granular) sub-categories along with the count of businesses against each. Niche down to the level you want and add the most relevant prospects—by category classification—into your funnel.




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