Leading Local Marketing Solutions Provider Enhances Sales Efficiency


BuzzBoard worked with a leading local marketing solutions provider in the US. The company helps local businesses and communities grow, and has a team of approximately 2,000 sales representatives.

The Challenge

In an effort to increase sales and outperform competitors selling similar services, this nationally diversified company needed an efficient prospecting tool that would help them save time, engage with more SMB customers, and give them the intelligent data required to add value during the sales process. This meant making the switch to the challenger sales model, a consultative selling approach that would allow them to take control of the conversation. In the past, the company used multiple resources to gather various sources of necessary information, but they needed a solution that would streamline all their resources into one place and increase efficiency.

The Solution

In seconds, BuzzBoard provides the company’s sales reps with deep and meaningful insights about their prospects that before would have taken hours of preparation to gather and organize. The insights BuzzBoard provides covers data points, such as firmographics, industry data, digital footprint, social media presence, and technologies deployed.


The Results

After providing BuzzBoard training to 32 reps over a 60-day test, the company significantly boosted both appointment-setting results and upsell opportunities. Their account executives were able to uncover new opportunities through competition analysis and their account managers were able to pull clear, organized insights that they could immediately present to their customers. Having quick access to this information, all organized in a slick, customer-facing report, empowered and equipped them with the confidence to lead meaningful discussions, build lasting relationships and secure sales. As a result, they generated nearly $1,000,000 in incremental revenue and experienced 33x ROI for the program.

“With BuzzBoard we can say goodbye to making cold calls. Now we can better match our products to our customer’s needs and have conversations with them that help drive the sale forward.”

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