Large UK Publisher Closes More Deals in the Field


BuzzBoard worked with one of the largest publishers of regional and local newspapers in the United Kingdom. The company includes hundreds of brands that publish online and in print, has approximately 1,200 sales representatives, and reaches millions of readers every week.

The Challenge

As a newspaper and magazine company looking to take current and new advertisers into the digital marketing space, they faced similar challenges that many traditional media companies go through, including a predominance of legacy sales reps not yet fluent in selling digital services and a public “old school” perception. As a topline goal, they were looking for ways to generate new business. They specifically wanted to grow the number of current active customers and increase digital sales by average revenue per month.

The Solution

In an effort to move toward a more consultative sales approach in the field, the company received specific training on how to leverage insights and improve sales in face-to-face scenarios, a common way to engage customers in this industry. BuzzBoard sent out a dedicated team member to spend two weeks in the field assisting the company’s sales reps.

“I use BuzzBoard to gain deep insights about my customers and their competition. What my customers really appreciate is the ability to see this information that they were previously unaware of.”


The Results

Over a two-week period, seven reps received in-market training from BuzzBoard so that they could use the platform in the field, in front of prospects. As a result, they experienced a 31% sales lift. The company now has a robust platform that allows their team across markets to arrange contacts and appointments, generate lead lists, and pull up the insights they need to drive meaningful conversations that close deals.

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