Introducing Advertising Customization & Batch Syncing

Advertising Customization

We are introducing the ability to customize the Advertising section of SMBAdvisor which will allow users to change the inputs for the advertising signals if needed.

Advertising signals in BuzzBoard can be great signals to determine both budget and need for your prospects. While engaging with a prospect over a profile report that BuzzBoard generates, you can now customize the Advertising signals for the conversation you want to have.






While we are at it, here’s a great use case with Advertising signals at the heart of it.

Let’s say that you’re a broadcast media sales rep and you’re using BuzzBoard to build a prospect list of roofers in San Diego. You would want to be able to engage with each roofer in an impactful way. You could couple ‘Ad spend’ (or any paid online marketing activity) with a related technology signal—e.g. eCommerce capabilities. It’s crucial that a business’s website has the necessary eCommerce tools to support easy and safe online purchases—thus making the most of their advertising investment. Afterall, driving traffic to a website that only allows “window shopping” leaves money on the table. If eCommerce functionality isn’t in place, the visitors can’t convert to customers…so a little investment in the website would help the business to get the biggest ROI for their ad spend.

Sync Multiple Profiles to Your CRM

Save Time! Now you can sync multiple profiles/prospects from your SMBAdvisor account to your CRM account. You no longer have to go inside each profile to sync them individually. A simple click of the check box and you can add and sync multiple profiles/prospects at once.




“’I’ve had a good experience with BuzzBoard. It’s a great prospecting tool and I use it literally daily. It is a great tool for prospecting for new business. Learning to use it more and more.”
Carol T. | Media Strategist.

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