Improve Your SMB Prospecting Experience With These New Features

Prospect Menu In Main Navigation

Introducing ‘Prospect’ as a new menu item in the left main navigation. This will anchor the last prospect search that you made. Your last filters will be automatically applied so you don’t have to apply them again.

While this new addition in the main navigation makes for a better user experience overall, as users can now access the prospecting filters with just one click, this update will be especially helpful for new users onboarding as they work their way into using SMBAdvisor to find their best-fit prospects.




Download Profile Reports In Bulk

In SMBAdvisor, users can now select and download reports for multiple profiles at once. This saves users the time by not having to download reports for each profile individually. Once the sales reps have their day/week planned, this one time activity will set them up with insights and conversation starters for all their planned sales appointments, allowing them to personalize their sales conversations at scale.

Simply select the desired profiles and click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ option on the slide-out to the right. You will see a pop-up with the various reports that are available for download. Select the desired reports and click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button within the pop-up. That’s it! Within a few minutes you’ll receive the reports in your email inbox.






BuzzBoard has become an essential part of our prospecting. We use it as a one stop shop for auditing that allows us to take a deeper dive into our potential clients and size them up to their competitors. It’s a really wonderful tool that is fairly priced for agencies and I recommend it to any growing digital marketing!
Jay M. | Marketing Strategist | Marketing and Advertising

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