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The traditional (contact-first) approach to database management misses important TAM accounts and makes you pay for irrelevant contact records from your data provider. (And they probably don’t have many SMB records either!). 

It’s an even more expensive mistake if you are a solution provider selling into small and medium businesses.

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A limited-period exclusive offer for the MO Pros Community

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Successful GTM teams selling into SMBs are now shifting to account-first marketing approaches where contacts are thoughtfully identified, marketed and sold to in a personalized way—but only after thoughtfully defining an Ideal Customer Profile and building a corresponding target set of accounts.

Know Your (Data-driven) ICP for Free* with
BuzzBoard —The Account Intelligence Platform for B2SMB Solution Providers

* A limited-period exclusive offer for the MO Pros Community

(Account Intelligence Data (AID) is data that measures a prospect’s behavior, their activity in the market and provides context about propensity to buy in real time. In other words, AID surfaces the absolute truth about your ICP)

A strong and clear ICP definition is the backbone
of a winning demand gen pipeline.

Enrich your SMB customer data with thousands of data signals to identify the true definition of your Ideal Customer Profile—with the right mix of digital maturity, business needs, and spending power—get ready to be bowled over!

BuzzBoard provides AI-Powered, human verified account intelligence on more than 30 million SMBs. Using our 6,400+ signals per SMB, BuzzBoard helps elevate your SMB demand generation by surfacing prospects that are most aligned with your services and products. Build a qualified demand gen pipeline and set your sales team up for success.

Experience the BuzzBoard difference for yourself.

  • Know your ICP
  • Build Your TAM
  • Create Hyper-targeted Segments
  • Be ‘Audience-ready’ for all Your Campaigns

You must act now! This offer is valid for a limited time, and we have only a baker’s dozen (13) analyses available!

Why do the Free ICP Analysis with BuzzBoard?

Sign up today and get a sample of your CRM or marketing automation system records enriched and analyzed with our incredible SMB data for the most comprehensive and actionable view of your ICP—remove guesswork!

  • Proactively coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses with imminent need.
  • Build your laser-sharp target account list with organizations that need your product or services, before they even engage with you.
  • Grow your database with accounts that matter and reduce disqualifications and bad leads.
  • Confidently deploy highly personalized outreach campaigns leveraging meaningful data on your prospects.

Leading Customer-centric Enterprises Use BuzzBoard to
Elevate their SMB Demand Generation Motion

Our Only Focus is SMB Data

Anyone who sells to SMBs should have deep knowledge of the prospect’s digital footprint, their needs, attitudes, triggers, and ability to pay. These are reflected in the SMB’s operations stack and in their external presence, that we surface.

What’s the Buzz About?

Here’s What Our Customers Say



As an end user of the Buzzboard/Salesforce integration, I am thrilled to have this much information about my prospects at my fingertips without having to travel outside my CRM to get to it.

Jessica Newby Nexstar


Boost Your Demand Generation and Pipeline
Acceleration Performance.

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