Green selling with BuzzBoard is remunerative

Pin-pointing prospects on a business map is yet another lucrative feature of BuzzBoard. Sales reps can leverage field time efficiently to execute more calls per day and cut fuel costs while reducing carbon footprint.

The rep is driving around the field. BuzzBoard on his tablet device detects his location and plots on a map qualified prospects in the immediate surroundings, as well as all the prospects/leads assigned to that rep. The sales rep can ‘geo-plan’ his moves and minimize travel-time by calling on prospects in a predetermined order.

BuzzBoard is rich with features to assist sales reps with multiple stages of the sales process and the features collectively help maximize sales rep productivity and revenues. However, effectively leveraging the BuzzBoard business map alone can drive additional revenues. An hour saved overall per day translates to additional time for one more call per day, 22 more calls per month. At 25% conversion rate, that translates to about 5 additional conversions per month per sales rep and 60 additional conversions per sales rep annually. At $100 margin, $6000 additional revenue per sales rep can be generated annually.

Not to mention additional calls/additional revenue generated with BuzzBoard implementation via time saved on other non-selling tasks – pre-sales research, proposal generation, administrative tasks, documentation, communication etc. We save that for another post.

The pointers on the BuzzBoard business map are additionally color coded for ‘hotness’ – to help prioritization. Tapping the pointer reveals the business name and the street address, as seen in the image below:

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