Firmographic, Technographic and Now COVIDographic. Use our new COVID-19 Filters to find SMB prospects that matter.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely challenged standard prospecting and selling conventions. It has affected every business demographic from stock market tycoons to small business executives.


While small and medium-sized businesses are being strained to respond to the new consumer challenges that the quarantine orders have led to, it has left some businesses virtuously falling into the advantaged categories, including supermarkets and social services. Still others have ingeniously adopted new ways to reach their customers and maintain aggregate demand. Here is where BuzzBoard steps in. In an attempt to educate our partners in ways they can strategically prospect and sell to businesses that have a higher propensity to buy their products and solutions, we have designed a new set of COVID-19 Filters to more specifically organize your selling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Location Category | Operational Status Google Ads

In our experience, the key indicators of small businesses on a growth trajectory are directly related to their ad spend and their investment in various technologies. With these signals in mind, our new COVID-19 Filters consider a business’s recent ad and technology spending in addition to category and location level assessments to highlight favorable prospects that are totally worth the effort. The new COVID-19 Filter addition to the BuzzBoard interface has multiple facets so you can tailor every step in your prospecting process to the current shifts in business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the two new COVID-19 Homepage cards, sales representatives can evaluate what categories, personas, and segments are in need of their marketing and digital services during this time. We, at BuzzBoard, understand the benefits of having the ability to particularly segment using certain digital insights when building a targeted list. The COVID-19 Filters allow for a more extensive way to approach selling and targeting prospects in the current atmosphere and engage in more meaningful conversations.

The COVID-19 Filters allow for a more extensive way to approach selling and targeting prospects in the current atmosphere and engage in more meaningful conversations.

The New COVID-19 Filters

The added Filters can be used to refine the BuzzBoard search process and find prospects that are surviving and thriving in these times. Users can now prospect using these COVID-19 specific filters with regards to location, category, operational status, technology, and other key areas.

Location Filter


Using the Location meter, your search can be refined to find prospects in a targeted area based on four levels of severity impact: Least, Minor, Medium, and Major. Identifying counties that are less impacted will help you plan where you should invest your prospecting efforts. The level of impact that you wish to search for can be manipulated by the arrows to segment-specific degree credentials.

Category Filter


The Categories criteria will filter potential prospects based on specific categories that are qualifying as growing, declining, or neither during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, you can filter based on their selling model of B2B or B2C to further refine your search results.

Operational Status Filter


The Operational Status filters allow you to segment businesses by their operational status during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, if you have selected Restaurants or related keyword categories, additional filters to find businesses that offer dine-in, delivery, or take-out will be enabled allowing you to refine your target customer.

Technology Filter

In order to specifically find prospects that after March 1, 2020, have continued investing in technologies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, you can use the COVID-19 Impact Technologies filter. The filters will allow the users to further refine their search based on groups and specific technologies to pinpoint the key digital indicators that indicate business growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Ads Filter


The SEM filters refine your search prospects to highlight the quality leads or profiles that are running Google Ads during the COVID-19 pandemic since March 1, 2020. Additional Budget and Traffic fields will be enabled when the Google Ads criterion is enabled.

COVID-19 Homepage Cards

With the addition of the new COVID-19 Filters, two new Homepage cards have also been added to provide users with key information that can be organized to their preferences.


The COVID-19 – Categories to work on now! card highlights different verticals that are growing and need marketing support during the COVID-19 pandemic. All of these categories, specific to your target location, have been brought together in this card to allow the user to begin prospecting with ease. On the COVID-19 – Recommendations card, data scientists at BuzzBoard have built specific personas and segments based on target locations that need marketing support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Start Prospecting!

Like everything else we do here at BuzzBoard, we want to guarantee that you find the right prospects with the right digital criteria at the right time for your business. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business and marketing strategies have been altered. BuzzBoard remains committed to providing its partners with detailed data insights that will enable them to have meaningful conversations with their prospects even during these trying times.

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The BuzzBoard team has worked tirelessly to provide their users with these innovative COVID-19 data filters and verticals so you can continue to grow your business no matter the obstacles in its way. Help us help you successfully prospect SMB leads and sign up for a demo of the BuzzBoard platform today!

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