Finding Small Businesses that will Survive and Thrive

In the midst of the turmoil and chaos brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are reasons to be hopeful. Although small businesses are getting pummeled right now, we believe there are many that will survive the immediate crisis and emerge even stronger in the long run.

Discover small businesses that are buying today.

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The SMB universe at your fingertips

Our powerful API gives you access to 30+million  SMBs globally, with thousands of deep data and signals about each business. It’s all available to you through one simple API.

Higher match rates

When it comes to SMBs, we have the highest match rate in the industry. Simply input the SMB’s website URL and SMBStreams will instantly build a robust business profile.

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Fill SMB Records with Accurate URLs


Our research shows that less than 28% of the SMBs records in CRMs include a customer URL—and yet the URL is the key to access deep data.

Use our API to identify your SMB records that have a valid business website. Then, instantly fill in the missing websites with our URL analyzer.

With this simple growth hack, you can expand your marketing base by up to 5X.

Our modern API is designed for
developers and product

SMBStreams is made for developers and product managers who want to build custom products. Integrate customer intelligence directly into your platforms to boost marketing and sales performance and improve customer experiences.

Personalize your onboarding flows easily and quickly. Here are some examples of what the data can be used for:

  • Perform micro-segmentation
  • Improve customer lead scoring
  • Develop new scores (e.g. security risk, financial health)
  • Pre-fill website forms

The possibilities are endless.

Streams consists of open, standards-based API that can be deployed at any point to personalize the customer journey.

Designed for Developers and Product Specialists

Customize product

Product and marketing customization starts with a deep understanding of each customer, one SMB at a time.

This extends beyond data about product usage alone. It includes information and analysis about the customer’s business, industry, and competition. When you connect the customer’s interactions with your product to  their “big picture” activities and behaviors, you’ll have an actionable understanding of their true needs.

Built-in AI + ML

SMBStreams uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to aggregate, connect, and surface the best data, recommendations, and programmatic content.

If you have a need that our existing solutions can’t solve, reach out to us. We thrive on challenges.

AI + ML Built-in

Hosted on Google Cloud and AWS

SMBStreams is hosted on Google Cloud and AWS for maximum security, reliability, and availability. APIs are designed to scale with your demands.

Google Cloud Platform & AWS.

Available through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) marketplace

Subscribe via GCP to get started instantly. Your subscription will simply be added to your GCP invoice. It’s a seamless experience.

  • Integrates with 120+ Tools

    SMBStreams supports more than 120 APIs into popular CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, customer service, and sales software platforms.

  • Integration for Custom Applications

    If you run some or all of your business on custom applications, you can rely on our engineering team to design highly efficient, optimized workflows that integrate BuzzBoard with your other tools.

  • Ease of integration

    • Open, standards-based API
    • User-friendly API dashboard
    • Single sign-on to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Salesforce
    • 24/7/365 support
  • Automatic updates

    BuzzBoard’s automatic updates ensures data accuracy. We refresh our data every 30 days.

Allows me to do the work of 5, maybe 10!

The info that I'm able to access on my prospects - and their primary competitors - takes WEEKS off my sales cycle. So easy to learn. So easy to tweak to my preferences. Don't tell any of my competitors!

How Did We Sell Before BuzzBoard!

The information it provides for us on prospective clients. Before BuzzBoard, you had to check several different sources just to get a fraction of the information you get now with BuzzBoard. Its a time & life saver.

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