Finding it difficult to discover SMBs in need of your solution?

Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are hard!

BuzzBoard goes beyond WHO you should target to WHY you should target them: WHY they need your solutions to help their business grow.

  • Use BuzzBoard’s Needs-based Targeting and move beyond ineffective firmographic segmentation.
  • Enrich your prospect and customer records with the most comprehensive SMB database in the world.
  • Create SMB-specific messaging based on their unique business needs.
Leveraging BIG Data for Small Business

Using insights intelligently can yield stronger customer loyalty, higher revenues, and greater profitability.

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BuzzScore is a foundational score that takes into account a variety of factors in scoring SMBs and helps you prioritizing which SMBs to target, and where to engage with them – on the same platforms where they are engaging with their customers, for example facebook or youtube.