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Digital Fulfillment for SMBs

If you offer digital advertising or marketing services, onboarding starts with collecting digital assets of your SMB customers (logos, images, content, reviews).

But, these customers give slow and incomplete responses to your requests, leading to wasted time, slipped schedules, and a backlog of unfulfilled jobs.

Now BuzzBoard offers automated digital asset collection, with huge benefits to your SMB customers and your own production process.

BuzzBoard AI-driven automated bots identify and collect all publicly-available digital assets – with just one click.

The assets are presented in an organized, logical structure to your digital consultants and production teams. Importantly, the BuzzBoard bots can collect and process structured, unstructured and even multimedia content.

From this point, it’s easy to identify any remaining gaps, and your team can focus on obtaining these, or choose a work-around. The material in the assets is now easily imported into the new content you’re creating for the SMB customer, whether it’s a marketing message, ad content, a new or upgraded online presence, or a management service.

Make Customer Onboarding easy and fast – starting the relationship off with a great CX.


Benefits for Your SMB Customers

  • Time is Better Spent

  • Your customer isn’t bothered with numerous, repetitive requests for information and materials
  • Your customer focuses on approving aggregated assets, rather than “clerical” asset collection
  • Quality is Higher

  • The quality of the end product is higher, with fewer errors
  • Comparing the content from automated asset collection to deep data revealed by SMBSmart and SMBAdvisor can produce more effective messaging
  • The Process is Faster

  • The cycle times are faster, leading to quicker “purchase gratification” for the customer

Overall, CX (The Customer Experience) is Elevated.


Benefits for Your Production Team

  • Time is Better Spent

  • Time spent by your Digital Consultant with your customer will be on truly consultative work, not on “clerical” matters
  • Digital Consultants and production staffers will have fewer frustrations and greater job satisfacti
  • The Process is Faster

  • Your consultants and production staff will work faster and more smoothly, with almost no time spent on research or trying to pull material from a customer
  • Cycle times will be faster, making production more efficient Errors will be fewer, so less re-work
  • With Key Behavioral Benefits

  • Greater customer satisfaction leads to decreased churn, and more opportunities for cross-sells and upsells
  • Favorable word-of-mouth (including in social media and online SMB forums) will enhance customer acquisition initiatives

Fulfill Faster. Bill Faster. Great for Corporate Cash Flow.

BuzzBoard’s Digital Fulfillment for digital and online services is a win-win, for your SMB customers and you!


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