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Identifying the ‘easy-wins’
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Using data to identify, define and refine ICPs

Buzzboard Oct 01, Oct 15, Oct 29, Nov 12


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With an average consumer spend of $500-$2,500 and the total revenue generation in the category at over $14 B, the Cannabis category is well placed to spend on high value marketing services. If you are looking to expand into a category that seems well shielded even during these uncertain times, Cannabis is definitely worth a look.

If you want to bag clients with a potential deal size averaging $10,000 – $20,000 a month, like some of our users already are, watch this on-demand webinar.

The Retail SMB sector consists of 42 categories representing 621,000 SMBs in the US—10 of these categories termed the ‘Super Growth’ Categories have each grown their ecommerce business >100% during the pandemic.

Ecommerce is a key indicator of growth and signals that a Retail SMB is future-oriented. Additionally, successful ecommerce enablement typically requires an SMB to make numerous investments in associated functions including: payments, CRM, logistics, content, security, advertising, etc.

We expect the level of ecommerce enablement to increase substantially in the next 12 months, due to the radical changes in the business environment.

For many Retail SMBs, the decision will be “Ecommerce or die”.

Home services are essentially a more modern and simplified way to buy as well as schedule professional services.

Valued at roughly $600 billion, the industry has now come of age fuelled for growth largely by technology adoptions that have enabled online and mobile booking of services. This is further augmented by the exploration of new service areas being added into the mix. The on-demand home services industry is expected to post a compound annual growth rate of nearly 49% by 2021. (The New York Times)

In a report by Comscore, 78% of the local searches for home services on a mobile phone lead to a purchase within 24 hours of performing the search.

Traditionally, manufacturing has depended mostly on in-person gatherings and events for customer proximity and has been slow in digital adoption. However, in recent times, brand awareness, both for lead generation and attracting talent, has become an imperative in the industry.

As per a research by the Content Marketing Institute and Content Profs, 41% of manufacturers have a documented content strategy—a significant leap from 21% the previous year.

As the industry opens its doors for agencies and technology resellers, the opportunity size makes it a strong contender for a growing SMB category.


The Hosts

Marilyn Sartori

Director of Operations, BuzzBoard

Phillip Cortez

Director of Community & Learning, BuzzBoard

Join us for the data-led webinar series as we explore the 'growing' SMB categories for their

  • Total addressable market
  • Key digital adoption trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • ‘Easy-win’ opportunities to go after
  • Conversations to lead with

This webinar is for you if you want to:

  • Actively look for clients in a ‘growing’ category
  • Exponentially grow your digital business
  • Learn how to segment prospects based on needs
  • Develop pandemic-proof GTM strategies

Use this data-led simple process to build an audience
that is... your product/service ready!

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