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Diamonds In The Rough | Webinar Series

Ecommerce – Retail: 10 Years Of Growth In 8 Weeks—Soaring High!


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The Retail SMB sector consists of 42 categories representing 621,000 SMBs in the US—10 of these categories termed the ‘Super Growth’ Categories have each grown their ecommerce business >100% during the pandemic.

Ecommerce is a key indicator of growth and signals that a Retail SMB is future-oriented. Additionally, successful ecommerce enablement typically requires an SMB to make numerous investments in associated functions including: payments, CRM, logistics, content, security, advertising, etc.

We expect the level of ecommerce enablement to increase substantially in the next 12 months, due to the radical changes in the business environment.

For many Retail SMBs, the decision will be “Ecommerce or die”.

In this webinar, we discussed:

Total addressable market

Key digital adoption trends

Competitive landscape

'Easy-win' opportunities to go after

Conversations to lead with

The Hosts

Marilyn Sartori

Director of Operations, BuzzBoard

Phillip Cortez

Director of Community & Learning, BuzzBoard

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