Activate Credit and Funding Data in Your SMB-focused GTM Plays

Whether you are a field service management solution provider or a fintech solution–making technology, financial services or other business services accessible to SMB and merchant businesses–BuzzBoard provides thousands of accurate and actionable digital signals about these businesses.

We paint the most comprehensive profile of every small business, enabling you to successfully align your messaging and offers to any account that meets your Ideal Customer Profile.

Use our data to surface and engage with small businesses that are a fit for your solution, regardless of whether or not they are demonstrating intent.

As a major addition to our inventory of 6,400+ data signals, we now source and process some impressive financial data about SMBs across two broad categories–Credit and Financing.

Credit Health Reporting

Understanding the relative financial health of your prospects can help you focus and prioritize those with the ability and capacity to invest in your solution. Ranking those prospects with the greatest financial viability at the very top of your sales funnel can reduce waste and deliver greater efficiency. BuzzBoard further unlocks the potential of SMB data by delivering the most accurate and actionable insight about the credit health of your SMB database.

Credit Risk

The risk that an entity may not meet its contractual financial obligations.

Overall Payments

Is a business delinquent in making payments in a timely manner.

Peer Payments

Indicative of the credit card balance associated with the P2P app being at or over the limit


Whether a business has filed for bankruptcy.

Tax Liens

Government’s legal claim against the businesses property when they neglect or fail to pay a tax debt.

UCC Filings

Legal notice filed by creditors to publicly declare their right to seize assets of debtors who default on loans.

Depending on your use case and the nature of your solution, such granularity may or may not suit your requirements. To make the data more actionable and suitable across industry verticals and use cases, we also provide a high level indication of an SMBs credit health with a simple Good/Bad score that is informed from these individual data points.

While fintech and financial services companies will benefit immensely from using credit health data for their go-to-market motion–from prospecting to fulfillment–any business looking to prioritize their sales and marketing efforts to land more accounts faster will find this data useful.

Funding Data

Do your target businesses have access to external funds to write their own growth story?

From grants to personal paycheck programs to private equity and venture capital funding rounds, our newly introduced funding data gives you access to a variety of funding details about small and mid-sized businesses.

With the addition of this data set, BuzzBoard now makes it possible for you to surmount more of the challenges of selling to small businesses by allowing you to segment SMBs that not only have the need but also the budget to buy your solution, giving your sales and marketing teams the highest odds of success.

Between credit and funding data sets, your insights into small business growth and risk factors just deepened. Using this data in conjunction with the other 6,400+ other signals that we provide, you can segment and prioritize your best-fit accounts to deploy your sales and marketing programs with much greater efficiency.

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