Credibility is a basic selling tool

Credibility is a basic selling tool

Trust and credibility are the foundation of a sales relationship and it is important for sales reps to establish these early on in the call.

Sales expert, David Yoho, advises, “The best means to earn credibility is to ensure that prospects see the depth and substance of your investigation and preparation.” He also adds that, “Credibility is enhanced when prospects see the quantity and quality of your preparation.”

Sales reps using BuzzzBoard have shared experiences of how the in-depth BuzzBoard analyses of prospects’ digital presence and performance have helped them appear prepared and earned them instant credibility, even as they are in the process of just getting an appointment. In the prospect’s mind they instantly graduate from “No way, I’m not going to let you sell me your stuff” to “I’m glad you are calling, sure I must meet you”. The credibility factor continues getting enhanced as the reps meet up the prospects and continue engaging them. For example, in the absence of any preparation and absolutely no prospect intelligence in hand, you would have to ask the prospect if he has a Facebook page and then take it from there. But reps armed with BuzzBoard audit reports can straightaway advise, “I see some promotions on your website, but your Facebook page has no updates to that effect. It will help you get more mileage out of your promotions, if you post them on your social media pages.”

BuzzBoard audit reports have played an integral role in establishing credibility whether you are generating them ahead of the call or in front of the customer during the call. Sometimes it is helpful to generate an audit in front of the prospect, especially with the skeptical types – so they see for themselves that you are not manipulating anything. Let them watch as you add a listing and generate an audit report.

As they say, the market is composed of:
(a) 10% ready buyers
(b) 80% not- so-ready-buyers, but can be converted using sales skills
(c) 10% cynics

Sales experts advise that you don’t need to work hard on (a) as they are already converted; you must work on (b) and convert as many as possible; but if you come across (c), don’t waste your time on them, just quit ASAP. BuzzBoard experts would advise you to work even on (c) types.

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