Confessions of a Happy BuzzBoard User!

BuzzBoard We always look forward to making every sales experience memorable and we’re delighted to learn about Matt Miller from mFirst Agency, who talks about how BuzzBoard is a real time-saver and helps him engage better with his customers and win more sales. In Matt’s own words:

Dear BuzzBoard Team,

My name is Matt Miller and I am a Mobile Business Advisor for mFirst Agency. I have been with mFirst for just over 2 weeks now. We sell mobile presence and mobile advertising solutions to local businesses. This is my first time selling digital solutions. My first week at mFirst was focused on training, not selling. The first day and a half were solely focused on BuzzBoard, before we even dove into mFirst product knowledge.

I’m happy to say…drum roll…I closed my first deal last week — and it was a one-call close — and the client paid upfront for the entire year. This is the shortest sales cycle in the history of mFirst. I give the majority of the credit to BuzzBoard. BuzzBoard not only helped me discover this prospect, your platform also helped me engage with the buyer — which led to the close. Now I know why my company uses BuzzBoard — and emphasized BuzzBoard training before our own product training.

We are now using the Onboard module to get this new, happy mFirst client’s site and campaign live. I love the fact that this is all done via BuzzBoard. I don’t have to spend time filling out forms and faxing over documents. Instead, I can use the tool to discover my next sales win.

Thank you for building an incredible platform!


Your Newest and Happiest User,


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