Your Clearbit Alternative for Selling to SMBs

99% of the businesses in the US are small and medium businesses and
contribute to 54% of all US sales.
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BuzzBoard solves the SMB data intelligence challenge for enterprises as they develop their small and medium business growth strategy.

How SMBs are different

When selling into small businesses, mapping out the right companies within your territory and category of interest is often a challenge. And in doing so, dependence on mere firmographic definition is a very rudimentary approach. Just a basic level check on company name, location, address, employee count, or even industry, although important, is often not good enough for your prospecting deep-dive.

In this volume game, efforts spent in prospecting and conversion need to be aligned to the deal size they return. Go after the right businesses.

The definitive SMB database

BuzzBoard manages the world’s largest and most configurable collection of SMB data.

32+ million



Data signals to segment, filter and analyze


Premium data partners sourced directly via APIs

Change How You Find and Talk to Customers

Use BuzzBoard to achieve needs-based targeting and move beyond ineffective firmographic segmentation.
Estimate the size of your target markets with greater precision.

Relying on tradtitional firmographic data to size your target market often overestimates the number of companies able to do business with you. More so when you are selling into small businesses.

It’s not so much the ‘who’ but the ‘why’ that can win you business with them. BuzzBoard helps you to go beyond WHO you should target to WHY you should target them: WHY they need your solutions to help their business.

Find SMBs who need exactly what you sell.

Choose from multiple filters including location, employee count, and industry, to more advanced signals that project digital savviness, purchase triggers and environmental influences among others.

The result is a sales pipeline of local SMBs based on the needs they have and, of course, the solutions you sell.

Enrich Your Database

Improve the fill rate of firmographic attributes for accounts and leads in your CRM. Additionally, choose from thousands of signals to append your CRM with data points on need and purchase-intent that are compelling conversation starters. Develop your sales approach based on their identifiable needs, prior to the first interaction.

Know More About Your Customers Than Ever Before

Arm your sales team with the insights they need to spark better, data-driven onversations — across the entire customer’s journey. Eliminate manual research.
Know who their competitors are
Know who their competitors are

Leverage competitive intel to pique prospect interest from the very start. Use the detailed comparison report from BuzzBoard to show how an SMB stacks up against local competitors and category benchmarks.

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Understand their Categories of Business

Use BuzzBoard’s thoughtfully curated category insights to determine the opportunity size of a category for your business. Know the key factors that tick the category and drive business for it in your local market, with a simple click.

Enrichment on Demand

Access data real-time in your browser, have the application integrated within your CRM of preference, or use our API to augment your existing client data with ours, in the tools you already use — or, use our super slick and intuitive UI platform — the choice is yours. Add additional micro-services as needs change.

Key tool for Sales peoples success

I have long been an advocate of the benefits of incorporating Buzzboard into the daily lives of our commercial teams. The further developments have only strengthened the value of Buzzboard and has helped the sales people deliver quality pitches, save time with the app and really see the benefits of the tool to helping them gain appointments, prospect, close and increase the AOV.

Reactive to Proactive

Buzzboard not only offers us the opportunity to improve our knowledge of our existing customers but also to effectively target new customers. Our sales teams will become more consultative as a result and tailor what they say about our products to ensure relevance and impact.