Know Your Customers – Understand their Categories of Business

Make use of BuzzBoard’s thoughtfully curated category insights to determine the opportunity size of a category for your business. Know the key factors that tick the category and drive business for it in your local market, with a simple click.

  • Average Annual Sales

    Use category averages for annual sales per business to create a compelling business case for your prospect

  • Marketing & Advertising Spend

    Benchmark prospects against similar local businesses spend on marketing and advertising

  • Technology Trends

    Follow technology trends most prevalent within a category

  • Events

    Find events to participate in to network and get the category’s mindshare

  • Seasonality

    Know the best months to prospect businesses in a category for better conversion

Why limit your prospecting to the ‘done and dusted’ categories, when there are so many more that can benefit from the solutions you sell?

Use BuzzBoard’s unique position in bringing together well researched and analyzed category insights along with detailed business profiles of SMBs to identify your best prospects and lead with solutions to help them be more competitive and grow their business.