BuzzBoard launches in Turkey with Google Turkey

BuzzBoard We had a great time launching BuzzBoard Turkey edition at the Google Engage event in Istanbul, Turkey. We showcased the product to over 150 Google AdWords resellers. BuzzBoard has been localized for Turkey in terms of language, local information, addressing structure etc.

The participants were amazed to learn how BuzzBoard can help them find out who to sell, what to sell, have impactful conversations, engage with prospects, and advise them appropriately to sell more and sell faster. For example, BuzzBoard helps AdWords resellers identify businesses that are not currently running any AdWords campaigns and recommends a suitable campaign based on the merchant’s budget, the business category and competition. Further, it analyzes existing campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement.

Likewise, the participants were impressed to know how BuzzBoard helps drive sales for various digital media products and services while helping SMBs increase returns from their online advertising investment and efforts. Enhanced predictive analytics, high-potential leads, on-the-field support, and follow-up alerts are some of the features that our friends fell in love with, and they are looking forward to adopt the tool as part of their day-to-day sales practices. Within 24 hours of the launch, several resellers have signed up.

Thank you Google Turkey. We are excited to be here.


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