Use our tools to find prospects that mirror your favorite customers

  • Design needs-based personas that align with your marketing and sales criteria.
  • Identify SMBs with the right mix of digital maturity, business needs, and spending power for your cloud-based or digital products.
  • Apply these personas to our recommendation engine to find SMBs that are a match.

Design hyper-personalized communications at scale to fuel your marketing programs

  • Design messaging based on the needs shared by companies within each segment.
  • Use SMBSmart to create side-by-side comparisons of each SMB against their local competition and category benchmarks.
  • Launch drip campaigns and enjoy higher click-through and open rates with hyper-personalized messaging.
  • Provide need-qualified SMBs to the sales team to start more meaningful conversations.

Deploy account-based marketing to nurture your relationships with customers

Given the poor quality of SMB data in most enterprise CRMs and the limited availability of SMB behavioral data, the benefits of account-based marketing has largely been available only to larger companies. By providing access to deep data and the ability to generate a comprehensive, unified view of prospects, BuzzBoard makes account-based marketing to SMBs possible. The detailed profiles can be used to deploy highly-tailored ad retargeting using any parameter or combination of parameters. Experiment with creative retargeting or A/B testing based on signals from our vast database of lover 30 million SMBs.

Access demand generation experts

Our team of SMB demand generation experts has helped countless B2SMB companies fire up their growth engines. We’re here for you.


Key Benefits


Access more prospects with our database of 30 million SMBs


Run a more efficient marketing and sales operation with needs-based targeting

Increase click-through rates and hand-raisers

Pre-integrated in CRMs, marketing automation and data infrastructure platforms

Get the data you need on the platform you use.

SMB Experts

Exclusive focus on
SMB intelligence


6,400 deep data signals
and growing every day


20M+ businesses in
the US alone; 30M+ globally


AI-sourced and
human audited data


Data is secure
and not shared


Enrich millions
of records

Amplify your marketing reach

Be up and running in minutes
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