BuzzBoard for Customer Marketing

Nurture Existing Customers.
Unlock Growth Opportunities.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70%, while the chances of selling to a prospective customer are 5% to 20%. Other benefits of customer marketing are up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. The customer relationship, if handled correctly, can lead to increased retention, higher LTV (lifetime value) and greater word-of-mouth advocacy.


Build Richer Customer Profiles. Triple your audience.

Research shows that less than 28% of customer records in the CRM have a business URL associated with them. This is problematic. Without the URL, a marketer is not able to access the data and information that provide a deep understanding of the SMB.

BuzzBoard, with its unique and powerful URL identification technology, has far better capabilities than other tools to identify SMB URLs. Since the URLs are the gateway to deep data and insights, more URLs mean more information for customized conversations. In fact, BuzzBoard customers have found that our superior URL identification capability can increase your effective audience by 3x or more.


Micro-Segment your Customer Base. Uncover Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities.

Use the rich profile to quickly and easily create granular micro-segments based on multiple factors, including:

  • Digital maturity
  • Specific needs
  • Propensity to spend
  • Overall stage of evolution

This multi-dimensional approach enables highly tailored segment-based prospect scoring and marketing. This boosts results with new prospects, as well as cross-selling and up-selling existing customers.

This “tuning” at a granular segment level generates better ROIs and other KPIs.

Inspire and Grow Relationships.
Turn Customers into Advocates.

Included in the contextual deep data provided by BuzzBoard is benchmarking data comparing a given SMB to their micro-category as well as their competitors. This allows you to explain where they’re outperforming and underperforming. This analysis in turn leads to identification of specific opportunities, some of which may be low-hanging.

This contextual approach also brings greater domain expertise to your marketing and sales initiatives.

Net net, BuzzBoard’s powerful discovery, data manipulation and analysis give you credibility as a trusted advisor.

When your SMB customers succeed, you succeed!

Build Customer Health ScoreCards.
Manage at-risk Accounts and Winbacks.

Most customer health scores rely solely on usage data for that provider’s products. However, this one-dimensional approach only gives you a sense of what the customer is doing inside your products. It does not take into consideration the bigger picture of the SMB’s business and factors that may be impacting how they use your product or their satisfaction level. BuzzBoard’s deep data and contextual information create a much clearer, more detailed picture.

This picture addresses questions like these:

  • Has the customer hired new account executives?
  • Does staffing require new training and on-boarding programs?
  • Did the customer sign up for a new CRM or marketing platform?
  • Do your products need to integrate with other platforms used by the SMB?

The BuzzBoard approach provides:

  • More personalized conversations with customers.
  • Improved account planning.
  • Identification of at-risk accounts, for preemptive resolution.
  • Identification of the most promising winback customers.

Deliver Personalized Content Consistently

“Showing up is half the battle”. And showing up consistently, with high-quality insights is the other half.

BuzzBoard tools equip you to deliver highly personalized, timely messages and recommendations to your audience. The quality of your content in all channels will be greatly improved. Your content will punch through the noise from less-personalized marketers.

Craft a personalized journey for each customer, at scale.

Available in platforms like Salesforce and Segment

All the data is available across the customer data infrastructure platforms like Salesforce and Segment. Start enriching and engaging your customers immediately.

Enterprise Ready

Whether you have 5 reps or 5,000 reps, SMBAdvisor is designed to scale with your needs. Most of our customers have between 500 to 2,000 reps and several hundred thousand SMB customers.

  • Single Sign On
  • Integrations
  • Built-in Reporting & Analytics
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Customizable Algorithms
  • Well-defined SLA & Support
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Team Management Capabilities
  • Secure Platform


SMB behaviors are
different from enterprises


Exclusive focus on building
SMB intelligence engine


6,400 deep data signals
and growing every day


20M+ businesses in
the US alone; 30M+ globally


AI-sourced and
human audited data


Data is secure
and not shared


Enrich millions
of records and more


Covers North America,
Europe and APAC

Allows me to do the work of 5, maybe 10!

The info that I'm able to access on my prospects - and their primary competitors - takes WEEKS off my sales cycle. So easy to learn. So easy to tweak to my preferences. Don't tell any of my competitors!

How Did We Sell Before BuzzBoard!

The information it provides for us on prospective clients. Before BuzzBoard, you had to check several different sources just to get a fraction of the information you get now with BuzzBoard. Its a time & life saver.

Multiply Your Customer Lifetime Value

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