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We are the Leading Account Intelligence Platform for B2SMB Companies

BuzzBoard is a complete SMB account intelligence platform for companies that sell to SMBs. We provide data, insights and recommendations to B2SMB companies to help them deeply understand their customers and build trusted relationships. Our intelligence toolkit enables them to acquire, retain and grow customers through highly personalized interactions.

The most valuable intelligence we have is not artificial.

We are
SMB Experts

We have spent the last 20 years building digital products and services for the SMBs. We have helped millions of SMBs go digital. So naturally, we think of SMBs in terms of pixels. The pixels that exist online and offline. To us, every pixel that exists about a business has a story to tell. It has intent. It has desire. It has trigger. It has behavior. It has meaning. And the meaning in these SMB pixels is different from those of the enterprises. Therein lies our speciality. We know the difference and are learning more about it every single day.

For us, machine learning begins with machine training. We use our years of acquired intelligence about the SMB pixels to train the machines to aggregate and connect pixels. And then craft an epic story, one SMB at a time. A story that is pregnant with possibilities and growth. The artificial intelligence we are building and using is soaked deep in our own real intelligence.

We Transform
Pixels into

We think scale. It has become our mission to unearth the hidden stories in the cloud of the 100 million small businesses around the world. Stories not just about the past but the ones that the SMBs are intending to write. Stories that uncover the ‘Why’ and not just the ‘Who’. We want to connect these stories with yours. We want to help you know the story behind each customer of yours, easily and quickly – whether you have a thousand customers or a million customers.

We want to make conversations more meaningful between the SMB and you. More human. Less artificial. More intelligence-driven. Less gut. More personal. Less generic. Whether the conversation is between bots and humans or between humans and humans. Whether the conversation is sales-led or marketing-led or product-led. Whether it is about support or sales or fulfillment.

We Work
with B2SMBs

The other thing to know about us is – we work only with businesses that serve SMBs (B2SMB). And thought leaders and partners who care deeply about the small and medium businesses around the world. Because 96% of all businesses globally are SMBs. And more importantly, because that is what each one of us here at BuzzBoard is passionate about and is good at.

Notably, this is the space most business intelligence providers have ignored so far. They treat large and small companies with the same algorithmic brush. They use the same workflows. That’s so archaic. The evidence may be present in your own customer records for that matter. However, now there is a modern way to build trust and relationships with the SMBs at scale.

To all our current and future customers, we promise you, we are committed to bringing to you the most comprehensive, the most accurate and the freshest SMB business intelligence engine on the planet, whatever it takes.

Our Leadership Team


Umesh Tibrewal

Founder & CEO

Lem Lloyd

Lem Lloyd

SVP of Revenue &
Business Development


Manish Joshi

VP of Engineering &


Deepraj Shetty

Senior Director of
Product Management


Phillip Cortez

Director of Community
& Training


Marilyn Sartori

Director of
Customer Operations


Vijender P

Director of


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