Why Us

A Unique Insights-Driven Approach

Most analytics platforms in the market fail to answer two of the most confounding questions in business: Who’s ready to buy what I’m selling, and what can I tell them to get the appointment and close the deal?
To answer these questions, our team of marketing, sales, and data science experts developed BuzzBoard, a unique, insights-driven approach to analytics that helps companies targeting SMBs drive sales throughout the customer life cycle.
BuzzBoard applies data science to a constantly updating stream of premium data, real-time technology and digital signals. In addition to identifying your best prospects and customers ready to buy now, we also provide you with customized insights about each company that your marketing and sales teams use to engage customers, get appointments and close deals. When used strategically and across the entire customer life cycle, BuzzBoard helps you acquire new customers, grow existing ones and retain both.
Developed by and for marketing and sales teams, BuzzBoard’s insight-driven approach creates a number of valuable benefits including:

  • Accelerates the sales process
  • Deepens customer engagement
  • Increases collaboration between marketing and sales teams
  • Improves targeting
  • Saves sales reps precious time

BuzzBoard helps companies market smarter and sell faster. Our platform is flexible and highly configurable, designed to fit our customers’ unique business objectives, workflows and processes. Founded in 2014, BuzzBoard is a fast-growing, privately funded, early stage SaaS company headquartered in downtown San Francisco.

Saas Model = Constant Improvement

We are constantly improving upon our solution and related services based on feedback from our users, advances inside (and outside) our industry, and our own home-grown innovations. To ensure alignment between our solution and the needs of our users, we maintain a year-round Customer Listening Tour to provide our users, product and other teams with opportunities to receive feedback, share ideas and build trust.