5 Timeless Brand Storytelling Lessons

BuzzBoard Have you ever wondered why two identical businesses fare distinctively over the same period of time? Despite being alike, two businesses will always have a distinguishing story behind them, which needs to be recounted and shared among customers. The digital marketplace has taken the competition to a whole new level, where companies have to gain visibility on a wider front — both online and offline. To feature in millennials’ minds has become complex due to their skeptical attitude about flashy numbers or tall promises. What counts for them is a righteous story that can find an instant connection.

The art of ‘storytelling’ has made a comeback on digital media, but the rules of a great narration, more or less, remain the same. A brand story is an opportunity for companies to either create an impression on their customers’ minds or get washed away by the waves of digital trends.

Here are 5 key brand storytelling strategies that BuzzBoard practices, which will in-turn help you cement your brand image.

  1. Let the customer be the hero – Many companies squander time and resources towards building a story around a product. But only successful companies realize that products can sell if customers are put at the forefront of their brand stories. BuzzBoard enacts a bigger purpose for its customers by helping them mentor or liaise with the hero — The Customer.
  2. Tell a story, inspired by truth – BuzzBoard is fully aware that brands have less room to experiment with superficial details. A pure and authentic story, when conveyed through the right platform can create a long-lasting bond between you and your customer. And that’s what BuzzBoard strives to attain for its customers. It gives them the courage to be honest and equips them with the right tools to enliven their stories.
  3. Have a rationale behind it – Some of the best brand stories go for the definitive purpose — to become an answer to the rational needs of the customers. Ask yourself a question: why will people connect with a company, if they find themselves disassociated or unrelated to your brand story? BuzzBoard ensures that your brand story is crafted well to be in perfect sync with your customers’ needs.
  4. Make an emotional connect – A brand story seeks attention from customers, who are humans, which explains the inevitability of an emotional pitch. In the long run, who’s going to remember a data-loaded piece of content over a subtle emotional tale? BuzzBoard delivers just that story to imprint on your customer’s mind, a story that stares right in your customer’s heart and stays with them forever.
  5. Empower trust, not endanger it – In the process of building a brand story, take care that you don’t put the trust element at stake. Your story should be true and remain consistent as you will not wish to earn a tag of a ‘story maker’ and lose the trust of your customers. BuzzBoard’s empirical insights will help you weave a story that will not only leave your audience spellbound, but will also earn you a lifetime of their loyalty and confidence, a fulfilling purpose of any incredible brand story.

It’s high time for the digital media companies to stand out from the herd and help their customers earn their share of digital recognition. BuzzBoard can become the means to this end with its high-octane sales tool, giving a personality to your business face. BuzzBoard will take the pressure off your sales reps, who can skip the formal introduction and can dive right into successful business conversations.

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