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If you’re a digital agency that sells to small and medium businesses and you have at least one salesperson, you’ve come to the right place!


Learn how you can quickly find prospects that need your services in this 30 minute custom demo targeted to your needs.

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We’ll cover how you can

  • Find qualified (small business) leads in the location and category you want
  • Find businesses that are spending online – running Adwords, FB, Display, and Yelp Ads
  • Use competitor insights to pique your prospect’s interest
  • Share company branded reports with just one click

And much more!

What Clients are Saying
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The information that I'm able to access about my prospects—and their primary competitors—takes weeks off my sales cycle. Also, the tool is user-friendly and it’s easy to tweak to my preferences when I want to make a change. Don't tell any of my competitors!

Greg Thompson Advance Digital

Buzzboard can give you insight into a (small) business that you can't get from looking at their website or even doing a fact find. It gives a salesperson the ability to talk to clients about their presence in the digital marketplace and applaud what they are doing right—and offer them solutions that would help them to beat the competition.

Glenda Losh Reach Plc

BuzzBoard has added so much value to what I can bring to my customers, prospects, and presentations. I can get my foot in the door so much easier than before I had Buzzboard.

Kristina English Salem Media Group