Know Your Customers. Accelerate Growth.

Big Data on SMBs


Use our SMB-specific insights to break through the clutter
and build meaningful conversations throughout the
customer’s journey.

  • Acquire New Customers

    Needs-based targeting using digital signals starts more relevant conversations faster.

  • Grow Share of Wallet

    Custom insights deepen the dialog, build trust and increase average deal size.

  • Retain Your Customers

    Empower your front line workers with better data to improve customer experience and reduce churn.

  • SMBAdvisor

    Transform typical customer transactions into meaningful conversations with unique insights.

  • SMBStreams

    Use our meticulously designed data APIs to craft personalized product experiences for your users.

  • SMBSmart

    Find SMBs who need exactly what you sell. Then, enrich the tools you use with AI-sourced, human audited SMB data.

The Complete
Intelligence Engine
for B2SMB Businesses

We provide data, insights and recommendations to B2SMB companies to help them deeply understand their customers and build trusted relationships. Our intelligence toolkit enables them to acquire, retain and grow customers through highly personalized interactions.

Rest Easy with BuzzBoard, the SMB Experts

  • Superior capabilities to identify SMB URLs and micro-categories
  • Powerful deep data – 6,400+ digital signals from hundreds of sources
  • AI-sourced and human audited data that is constantly growing and improving every day
  • Fresh & Accurate SMB database of 20M+ in US; 30M+ worldwide
  • Over 20+ years experience in the SMB space
  • Deep experience with vendors of SMB data and records
  • Numerous enterprise clients that serve millions of SMBs
  • Robust AI-driven recommendation engine tuned specifically to SMB needs, triggers and behaviors

Leading Customer-centric Enterprises Use BuzzBoard to
Supercharge Their Customer Interactions


Use It Across
all Platforms You
Know and Trust

Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, Google Cloud Platform, Segment & Zapier.

As an end user of the Buzzboard/Salesforce integration, I am thrilled to have this much information about my prospects at my fingertips without having to travel outside my CRM to get to it.

An invaluable resource in delivering commercial success!

BuzzBoard is invaluable to our sales operation, giving our sales teams the knowledge and confidence to have the right conversations, with the right customers, at the right time - having this insight within Salesforce via the app has not only improved sales efficiency, but has also generated a significant uplift in engagement and performance.

We love BuzzBoard!

Our sales team has been utilizing BuzzBoard for around a year now and we couldn't be happier. Not only can you perform effective prospecting, you can provide detailed assistance to so many different companies that need our help.

Allows me to do the work of 5, maybe 10!

The info that I'm able to access on my prospects - and their primary competitors - takes WEEKS off my sales cycle. So easy to learn. So easy to tweak to my preferences. Don't tell any of my competitors!

How Did We Sell Before BuzzBoard!

The information it provides for us on prospective clients. Before BuzzBoard, you had to check several different sources just to get a fraction of the information you get now with BuzzBoard. Its a time & life saver.

Change How You Find and Talk to Customers!