Transforming traditional media companies
into digital media companies

BuzzBoard equips traditional media companies with a proven, automated solution and expert guidance
to sell, market, and deliver digital media products and services

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A comprehensive solution to support strategic goals

Designed to support the strategic transformation of media companies, BuzzBoard delivers a comprehensive solution that spans sales, marketing, and operations. Unlike a collection of unconnected point tools, BuzzBoard allows these critical functions to follow a consistent, proven process, share information, and coordinate their efforts.

A leading newspaper publisher in the UK has moved towards digital media with the help of BuzzBoard

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Expertise and
built-in intelligence

In addition to sophisticated software that’s easy-to-use, the BuzzBoard solution provides all the elements required to market and sell digital products and services:

  • Access to detailed, accurate information on millions of target customers
  • Expert guidance and knowledge of best practices
  • Training and support from professionals with industry knowledge
  • Built-in intelligence on effective customer acquisition methodologies

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Proven results before you commit

BuzzBoard’s step-by-step implementation allows media companies to implement the solution with little risk. It can be deployed incrementally through pilot projects, and configured to meet each company’s specific requirements. Company executives can see proof of success before making more substantial investments. There is no need to make large commitments based on promises alone.

Read a case study of one of the largest broadcasters in the US to learn how they transitioned to digital media… one step at a time.

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