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The BuzzBoard Platform

BuzzBoard streamlines the sales process into one comprehensive solution that replaces – and improves – the many different tools that sales professionals are using today.

BuzzBoard is the ultimate support team: a single source

for lead discovery, insights, account planning, tracking, research, preparation, competitive analysis, presentations, proposal generation and onboarding.

BuzzBoard features modules for the four essential sales processes: discover, engage, close, and onboard.



From pinpointing new prospects to reading their most recent customer reviews to knowing the size of their market, BuzzBoard "Discover" preps you for success. Instead of spending hours researching your prospect or customer, let BuzzBoard "Discover" do it for you in a matter of minutes.

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“Discover” has opened the door, now let BuzzBoard “Engage” give you the confidence to have an authentic conversation. From showcasing your prospect’s digital footprint to offering a unique analysis of their competitors to knowing exactly when they opened your email, BuzzBoard “Engage” shows them that you’re in the know and you care about their business.

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BuzzBoard “Engage” earned you their trust, now it’s time to use BuzzBoard “Close” to show them you mean business. BuzzBoard “Close” makes it super easy to assemble a custom presentation and a compelling proposal to move them from interested to “yes”.

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BuzzBoard “Close” got them nodding their head. You generated a custom proposal that closed the deal. Now use BuzzBoard “Onboard” to make good on your promises, deepen their trust in your expertise and cement your relationship.

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Our Customer Success Stories

Digital Sales Manager, WCTV

Ryan Barber
How is BuzzBoard different from other sales tools? Ryan Barber shares his experience on how his sales team utilizes BuzzBoard to generate new revenue and prospect new clients. Ryan shows why BuzzBoard is an amazing on-the-go digital diagnostic tool that drives sales success.
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Digital Sales Development, Digital Kitbag

Graham Earley
“You always need to keep your eye on the ball to be successful,” says Graham Earley who shares his thoughts on how BuzzBoard instantly measures the online performance, engagement, and presence of businesses and helps them stay successful in the digital world.
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Digital Development Executive, Johnston Press PLC

Sam Jarrett
Sam Jarrett shares his thoughts on how he ran the BuzzBoard audit for a customer and won the deal with a comprehensive SEO analysis. Sam tells us how BuzzBoard’s Find Prospects feature helped another customer win more business.
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News & Events

November 17, 2015
Upcoming BIA Kelsey/BuzzBoard Webinar

Join us for the upcoming webinar on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 as BuzzBoard and BIA/Kelsey explore how local businesses are reinventing themselves for their digital savvy consumers; this webinar offers the latest insights into how consumer behavior is shaping business behavior.

October 20, 2015
VentureBeat Investor Conference

BuzzBoard is pleased to announce that it was chosen as an exclusive Venture Spotlight company at the 2015 Venture Atlanta conference held from October 20-21, 2015; the premier investor conference was the hub of entrepreneurial activity for the most impressive list of presenting companies.

September 28, 2015
Inside Radio

Inside Radio, the most trusted source in radio news, talks about how BuzzBoard replaces the awkwardness in cold calls with positive engagement and acts as a trusted navigator for sales reps to discover their best prospects and achieve any number of sales goals in the demanding modern selling landscape.

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