-DFM Los Angeles News Group digital sales manager Yasmine Vatere in Los Angeles

The owner had spent over $14,000 on the development of the site over the past three years and was surprised by the results on BuzzBoard. He was most concerned about his need for a mobile site and the upkeep of his SEO. After the proposal he decided to move all advertising to us to allow us to track everything and have it in one dashboard.

- Sales rep of a major US digital marketing company

I actually used the BuzzBoard yesterday on my new digital sale for $5,110. I used it to re-iterate what I had pointed out previously with my own online analysis.

- Sales rep of a major US directory publisher

Another area is the meta-tag compliance, tabbed the SERP page to show what source coding actually looked like, then bounced back to the BuzzBoard. Accuracy verified by performing standard manual prep first, then ran BuzzBoard to confirm the information was in fact accurate.

- Sales rep of a SEO company

Great tool for putting the customer first, not just making it about us selling them our products, but showing how we can help them, provide them a valuable tool.

- Sales manager of a major US directory publisher

Pretty hooked. I used BuzzBoard during live in person sales call today and now playing around with it to test more functionality. So far very impressed.

- Senior sales executive of a major US web design company

The owner, Chris was unsure of making a move to us. By using BuzzBoard we were able to identify some SEO opportunities that he will be working with at his corporate office. He is using the BuzzBoard report to show them the deficiencies. He is also interested in possibly going forward with social media. At the end of the presentation he was so impressed he moved forward to bring his PPC campaign to us.

- Sales rep of a major SEO company

This client has gone to a competitor to create his new site four months ago. The site failed to offer the correct information and was very unorganized. There was no call to action on the site so he had received no conversions in four months. It was not indexing and could not be found on any sites other than by typing in the website address. He was very impressed with the BuzzBoard presentation and gave me two referrals of companies that could also use our services. He is looking forward to starting over with us.

- Sales rep of a US digital media marketing firm

-DFM First Line Media News digital sales manager Marcellus Alexander in Philadelphia

The partners had just spent $4,500 on the creation of a new website and had no online visibility. Being in a competitive vertical, namely, attorney, they knew that they needed to go with a company that could produce results. They had requested proposals from several companies and were also entertaining the idea of staying with the existing company and moving their print spend to online spend. After my presentation which included my use of BuzzBoard they called to say that they would be moving forward with my proposal. They stated I was not the least expensive. However they were very impressed with the presentation and what we could offer. They decided to go ahead with the social media and PPC campaign that I had proposed.

- Sales rep of a US digital media marketing firm

I am excited for the proposal feature. I earned credibility with a guy who felt he had a good grip of what he was doing. It really helped me carry through the process smoothly, and I used it to keep conversation alive, transition from one solution to the next, to mobile, through some benefits.

- Sales rep of a US digital media marketing firm

Great tool for those early in sales cycle, maybe not ready to buy, in existing contract with a competitor. Live experience with an Automotive Business: Customer was impressed with our technology to provide this analysis of his business and even point out some short comings with his current provider. It gave us instant credibility when discussing the specific details about his SEO challenges. It naturally steered the conversation toward the area that he was interested in us helping him out (Social) and was open to a follow up discussion.

- Sales rep of a US digital media marketing firm

Client paid $3,500 for this website, after the rep showed the client the BuzzBoard report, client decided to go with us for new site.

- Sales rep of a major US directory publisher

BuzzBoard puts me in a position where I can be the expert with the prospect, credibility.

- Sales rep of a US digital media marketing firm

Scoring 43 on BuzzBoard the owner saw a real need to make changes and it created the urgency I needed to close the deal. He is also considering a proposal to include social media as well.

- Sales rep of a US digital media marketing firm