Increase sales rep productivity

BuzzBoard’s unique and ever increasing set of features are aimed at increasing productivity per sales rep by arming them with actionable intelligence and minimizing time spent on non-customer facing selling tasks.

  • Bulk-Generation of Leads

    A sales rep or the sales manager can upload the entire customer/prospect base to quickly generate leads in bulk.

  • Integrated Heat Maps

    Listings color coded for heat and plotted on a map help prioritize leads and plan the day in advance to save time and fuel.

  • Digital Presence Scoring

    BuzzBoard assigns a score to each customer/prospect, quantifying the digital presence of a business and its competitors, including website robustness, local and mobile presence, SMO, SEO and SEM. This helps customers discern where they stand and how much they can and need to improve.

  • Revenue Opportunity Analysis

    BuzzBoard calculates the revenue opportunity for each prospect. Sales reps can prioritize calls based on the opportunity.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Presence Audit

    BuzzBoard audits the online visibility of the business across search, local, social and mobile platforms, including major search engines, key social media networks and basic directories.

    Performance Audit

    BuzzBoard audits the discoverability of the business on the web - the quality of the SEO hooks, adherence to standards and best practices that influence usability/user experience. It also checks for online reviews and social media performance.

    PPC Audit

    BuzzBoard audits the PPC presence to analyze the top ads, competition, performance/cost of the keywords. If the Customer lacks a PPC presence, then BuzzBoard provides detailed recommendations for one with suggestions and competitor analysis.

  • Competition Intelligence

    BuzzBoard identifies and audits the online presence and performance of the Customer’s key competitors and presents an at-a-glance overview of how the Customer is faring vis-à-vis the competition. The rep can leverage this to build a strong case and facilitate closing.

  • Proposal Generation

    After building a strong case with the help of the audit reports, appropriate proposals are generated within a few seconds and it positions the products that correspond with the shortcomings discovered in the audit reports.

  • Collateral Management

    Collateral management made easy - BuzzBoard helps organize collateral by product (for example SEO, SMO, etc.) for quick access when needed. The sales manager version has additional functionality to update and centrally distribute the latest collateral to the team. Reps will never have out of date collateral again.

  • Recording Tools

    Sales reps can easily voice-record live Customer conversations, which can be used for gathering information for fulfillment, sales rep performance evaluation and training programs.

  • Additional Automation

    BuzzBoard helps cut down time spent on administrative and non-selling tasks like creating listings, logging fulfillment notes, communicating with stakeholders, sending files, collecting Customer assets and setting critical reminders.

  • Data & Analytics

    Every now and then sales reps need to take stock of their listings and plan their next move. BuzzBoard includes graphical and numerical analyses of all of the listings assigned to a rep.

  • Built-in Help Tools

    BuzzBoard provides built-in help wherever necessary to prompt sales reps about the significance of a particular element in online advertising, so they can advise the Customer appropriately.

  • Sales Manager Functionalities

    BuzzBoard offers sales managers back-end customization tools, market intelligence, revenue opportunity analysis, product management, collateral management, sales rep performance metrics and reporting.

  • White-Labeling & Customization

    BuzzBoard is white-labeled with your logo, the colors are customized to your internal style-guide, and the access levels are also customized to your specifications. The proposals and package modules are fully customizable based on the products you offer.

  • Troubleshooting & Support

    Vendor support is available around the clock for any trouble-shooting required. Just a tap on the screen on which you are experiencing trouble and the problem gets emailed to the BuzzBoard support team along with a screenshot.

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The owner, Chris was unsure of making a move to us. By using BuzzBoard we were able to identify some SEO opportunities that he will be working with at his corporate office. He is using the BuzzBoard report to show them the deficiencies. He is also interested in possibly going forward with social media. At the end of the presentation he was so impressed he moved forward to bring his PPC campaign to us.

- Sales rep of a major SEO company Read More