• What is Buzzboard

      BuzzBoard is a powerful sales engagement tool that leverages predictive data, accelerates account preparation and drives more sales

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    • How does it help?

      • Delivers relevant, targeted prospects.
      • Enhances the knowledge and knowhow of each local sales rep.
      • Improves call to close ratios.
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    • Versions


    • Who does it help?

      • Anyone selling any local media - SEM, SEO, social, print, electronic - to any business needing to operate successfully in the age of digital and social presence.
      • Anyone selling local media to customers directly onsite or via the telephone.
      • Anyone managing a local media sales force where knowledge, analysis and confidence matter.
      • Anyone overseeing a large distributed sales force whose success is measured by sales efficieny and effectiveness
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The owner had spent over $14,000 on the development of the site over the past three years and was surprised by the results on BuzzBoard. He was most concerned about his need for a mobile site and the upkeep of his SEO. After the proposal he decided to move all advertising to us to allow us to track everything and have it in one dashboard.

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